Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello Bloggers!

           Thanks so much for checking out my blog and seeing what's going on. As I continue to update my blog I hope to make this a youth ministry focused blog, giving ideas to fellow youth pastors, and making this a fun space for youth to connect and see what's going on in our ministry.

           With this being my first post I know there are lots of questions about this blog. First, let me address the reasoning behind the name of the blog. I really wanted the domain "the youth guy" however it was taken but no one was using it. My second choice was "youth guy", it however was taken as well. That left my third choice, and since I am from Kentucky it is rather fitting, "tha youth guy". My wife seems to think it's a little weird, but hey, it's easy to remember, spell and I like it! So, it's a done deal.

           Secondly, the other thing on this blog that might raise some questions is the blog description, "Youth, Discipleship, Outreach and and All That Jazz..." This description clearly reflects exactly what this blog is going to be about. Some of you maybe asking what does all that jazz have to do with anything? Well, since you asked. We are currently living and serving in New Orleans, LA where jazz was born and is still very prominent. Thus reflecting that this is all about youth, discipleship and outreach from the NOLA area!

           Once again thanks so much for checking out my blog. Look around and continue to check back. As I run across or use more youth materials that I find benefical, schedule events, post updates on our ministry, or  plan creative outreach ministry opportunities I will be sure to post them on the appropriate page. Until then, everything else will be right here.....

Glad you found me!


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